Runs from Friday January 12 2018 to Saturday January 27 2018

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Potrero Stage
1695 18th Street
San Francisco CA 94107

Performance Notes

written & performed by Katie Rubin

When the pressure of being human becomes too much, we should never forget that spiritual suicide is always an option. If it's true that our attachment to worldly concerns and ambitions is the cause of our suffering, then dissolving those ambitions into the Light of All That Is should bring complete and perfect peace to our hearts, right? Maybe... Why I Died explores the questions and challenges raised by the complex and often soul-sucking aspects of being a person among other people, while also being a formless spirtiual essecne attempting to evolve in 3-dimensional reality. WID tells the story of Katie Rubin’s attempt to navigate a deep spiritual awakening in the face of a tight writing dealine. Along the way, she deals with and plays the roles of her hilariously pushy producer, a codependent mugger, a loose and vapid pop star, an infomercial saleswoman, a New Age Guress, A Sufi “Perfected Master,” a clueless boyfriend and a bevy of false prophets. Through the voices of 10 comedic characters, Rubin chronicles her attempt to create and evolve simultaneously. Will her spiritual and creative efforts merge? Or will she have to give up one for the other?

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