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Runs from Friday April 10 2020 to Saturday April 11 2020

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Potrero Stage
1695 18th Street
San Francisco CA 94107

Event Notes

× Join Bay Area comic, actor, healer and coach Katie Rubin for an evening of stand-up comedy. Katie's laser sharp wit burns holes through all things bullsh*t. She tackles every spiritual lie, every emotional lie, and every lie of the mind. She promises to shock and shake you into fits of blissful laughter on topics such as: consciousness itself, the toxic masculine, the "president," general human idiocy, annoying spiritual people, overly feminized guys, overly macho guys, high tech dildos, being the child of an alcoholic, being a loud spiritual lady, judgment, and most importantly, this whole "being a person" thing. This is a comedy show unlike other comedy shows. Together with Katie we will crankily kvetch about life, living and 3 Dimensional Reality: "Come On!

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