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Runs from Friday April 2 2021 to Saturday April 10 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Live Stream
via Zoom
Berkeley CA 00000

Event Notes

× In a secluded Artificial Intelligence technology lab, at some point in the near future, scientists have successfully created AI with sentience, free will, and the ability to reproduce. However, just because these beings are programmed to think and act a certain way doesn’t mean that they will. Written by Naseem Badie and Edward Morgan, Written in the Stars explores the ancient Celtic myth “The Legend of Blodeuwedd” from a modern perspective, where classic characters take on new relevance in the current technological age. This story, presented as an immersive radio play, explores the ethical implications of artificial intelligence, challenges our understanding of what it truly means to be human, and reminds us of the disruptive power of queerness.

Poltergeist Theatre Project's mission is to reclaim Queer narratives through performance processes that dismantle toxic cultural norms, viscerally immerse audiences, and celebrate the innovation and liberation of Queer folx. Their vision: To create theatre that follows you home. Honoring San Francisco’s strong tradition of revolutionary art that ignites the flame of cultural and societal progress, Poltergeist creates radically queer, feminist, intrinsically participatory theater. Whether highlighting work by new artists or subverting and re-framing a problematic public domain play to create a brand new adaptation, Poltergeist seeks to normalize and centralize Other narratives. Focusing on the tenets of inclusivity, representation, and accessibility, Poltergeist seeks to remind this city of its deep roots in queer art. For more information, click here.

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