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Runs from Saturday May 22 2021 to Sunday June 13 2021

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Live Stream
via Zoom
Berkeley CA 00000

Event Notes

× PlayGround in association with Theatre Cultura presents SAPIENCE by Diana Burbano, directed by Katja Rivera, May 22 & May 23 at 7pm PST.
Written for Center Theatre Group's Writers Workshop 18-19 and originally developed by PlayGround, Sapience was further developed in San Diego Repertory’s Latinx Play Festival. Diana Burbano’s Sapience follows Elsa, a doctor of primatology on the autism spectrum, who has hidden this fact from the world. She is currently working with an orangutan named Wookie, who Elsa hopes to prove is capable of speaking a human language. Elsa’s 12 year old nephew, A.J., is also on the Autism spectrum. He is “Locked in”- completely non-verbal. However, thanks to A.J.'s so called "disability" he and Wookie joyously discover that they can communicate with each other. This explodes Elsa's carefully constructed, science based worldview and forces her to drop the mask of normality she has worn her whole life.

NOTE: PlayGround will distribute Zoom live stream information on the day of the performance. If you do not receive the Zoom link at least one hour before the performance begins, please contact

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